Monday, December 6, 2010

The best things in life are free. a statement so old that most can bring it up in conversation without hesitation. but it is not alone in this world of well known statements. in everyday life, we hear many people make a statement so profound or so real that we can't help but instantly fall in love with it. maybe it is un-original to look to the ideas of other people in order to say what we have to say, but as many great minds have come to the realization on, there are only so many ways in which something may be said. I view the quotes of great minds, or at least the minds under the influences of great times or great things, can give more meaning to a life than the thoughts of thousands of days. As one of my favorite professors once said, if others have already well stated the facts, make things simple on yourself and simply quote them.
Though we might not always admit it, most of us cannot find our own sense of eloquence in a given situation. we instead fall upon the word of others to fulfill our needs in the situation. we might not always know the authors of the words we use, but we still use them as if they were our right. Maybe it is our right to use those word we ourselves could never fully bring ourselves to place both time and effort in creating them. and yet still these quotes are the key function to our own stories. If you think about it, you yourself have probably referenced quotes of the many great leaders and authors of our history in order to more accurately say who you yourself are.
For my own part, I would have to say from the outright that the quotes of great minds are by far more profound than my own. I think that those who I choose to take lessons from are those who I listen too without and arranged signal or expectation. what other great mind have once agreed upon are great things for me to reference my life around. being human is a strong thing, but being a truly unique human is almost impossible. I feel stronger with the traditional words of the many cultures of the past, than I do with the thoughts of the present or the future. But still the words of men and women I have never met, can have as much bearing on my own life as several days worth of thought.
The words of Shakespeare, Tolkin, Frost, and even Disney, have made my life more interesting than those who have decided more laws and policies than I have. Anything that i hear has the ability to make my life better, but if I myself must first choose to make myself better with the many parts of my own life. I like finding the quotes of great thinkers and writers and applying them to my own life, not only because of some self-centred need to once again rise above the people who refuse to accept the insight of other people. When the words of others present themselves to us, does it not make more sense to head the lessons, and thoughts of tha many people you have heard from than what you yourself are able to think of?

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