Monday, December 6, 2010

Unreasonably optomistic: politics at its finest.

Recently I bore witness to the ever disturbing world of the political system. In the process of watching Joe Miller, Lisa Murkowski, and Scott McAdam's, squabble ceaselessly over the senate seat for the state of Alaska, I have come to relieve that I truly hate politics. The whole of the system reminds me of the rather pathetic life of a high-scholar.
Each of the candidates made it seem like they were the exact center of the universe, and each of them also stressed the belief that they had to have their own way. I found myself wondering if it would not be better of a service to the state to simply vote for the idiotic adolescent down the street who once lit the cat on fire, simply because he shared the same points of view as the rest of the candidates. In the end I came to the realization that our politicians on the whole really are teenagers.
When I almost constantly find myself thinking that I'm smarter than these politicians not only because of the decisions that they make, but also because most of them haven't figured out how not to get caught in the act of scandal usually involving drugs, sex, or money, the three things on the minds of every teenager in America.
So I find myself wondering again which one of these over-aged teenagers I will side with.
And yet when choosing which of these many child at intent individuals I would side with made me question if I myself would be a better choice for the position. could I do the job, probably, but I would never want to. the system is designed to make sure that any individual can keep it moving, and a that every individual is equally represented. the irony of this statement is that I never particularly felt represented in these debates. there is no requirement for me to have faith in the people I elect, and in truth I rarely do. on the whole these individuals and myself have few if any thing in common.
that being said however, I can at least see fit to find the humor in these situations. the hypocrisy of these situations as one candidate condemns another for a specific action while they themselves are in the midst of preforming it. they will claim one side of an issue, while they openly receive funding from the other side, or they will stage the most amazing photo ops, that will never be true. In the end our political systems find us all feeling somewhat unsure, something that was made for the sole purpose of leadership now has us keeping doubts about its effectiveness. the humor and the irony of this situation is what holds my attention, not the candidates themselves.

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