Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drink up me Hearties

In my life I have been surrounded by those who drink. I pass no judgement, in all reality I'm half Irish and can drink just about anything under the table, but in my past experiences, I have very few good moments with other people drinking around me.
I was an RA for two years, and in that two year most of the sleepless nights I happened to come across were tied directly to some young individual having to much to drink. I have watched five separate fellow RA's be fired for drinking on duty or with their residents. I've watched multiple individuals with alcohol poisoning preforming the roll of shame, as they left the building strapped to a gurney. I've seen the aftermath of projectile regurgitation all over the hallways and bathrooms of the floors I worked on. in short alcohol has rarely been a very good part of my life, with most of my past experiences involving playing the hard-ass who can't just let people have fun. When I turned twenty-one however my visions changed slightly.
I am not a raging alcoholic who solves every problem with a substance found in the bottom of a bottle. I will however admit that since the point that I turned twenty-one I have been known to partake in nights of drinking with friend and family, from which I have come to two separate conclusions: one in moderation it will make your nights much more interesting, and two in excess, your nights are really going to suck. I have had both.
Good nights with alcohol have midwifed some of my favorite writings, and even made many of my favorite movie significantly more enjoyable. though they might not be the most proud statements in my life, there is no way that I can say that they weren't fun when they happened. I have become more eloquent with some of my more quick witted friend who seemed to suffer from the opposite effect. I have had great fun dancing with friend who would never step out on the dance floor otherwise. Alcohol has made for a few good moments in my life, but it has also had the opposite standing in some moments of my life.
Break ups are never good, but adding a six pack and free text messaging to this mixed is never a good idea. for the first time in my life, I fully understand just how bad the use of a cell phone can be. even worse is the fact that she and I were both drunk at that moment, and neither one of us wants to claim what happened was fueled by this act to some degree. let this be a lesson to you, drinking and break-up mix as badly as drinking and automobiles. drinking is best without the many different complications of a relationship.

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  1. Well said. Alcohol is definitely a poison, but in moderation and on occasion, even poison can be quite enjoyable.