Sunday, December 5, 2010

most people hate high-school, whether they are in it now, or whether it was twenty years ago. Jock, cheerleader, emo, preppy, nerd, geek, wannabee, suck up, fit in, they all had roughly the same experience, they believed themselves to have a harder time than anyone else in the school. there is of course no truth to this idea, almost none of them have any difficulty, and outright, none of them have any clue as to what constitutes a rough time of things. why am I now making a social commentary on high school? because despite my best efforts, I find myself once again walking through the front doors of my old high school at the start of each school day.
Now I work in that same school I once grew up in.
Yes I realize that statement might seem rather sad to some people, but at the same time, its the best paycheck I've ever had, and I'm already paying into retirement at age twenty-two. still, I find myself face to face with the exact same personalities and characteristics as they were when I was there. Not even the faces have changed that much. the same groups are still popular, they sit at the same tables and clog the same spots in the hallways; it feels like watching a bad remake of an even worse movie.
And yet even while watching these poor attempts at pathetically simulated "coolness", I remember the things I did on the very spots they stand in. The first time I kissed my first girlfriend, the first classroom in the high school I ever had class in, the same teachers and staff that had always been there. Memories rise to the surface faster than I can control them, and I find my mind drifting in and out of the past and present on a day to day basis. it can be more than a little odd watching the young fools of this next generation making the same stupid mistakes, in the exact same spots as you did only a few years earlier.
Odder still is when the people you work with are the same ones who taught you. and because it is a small town, most of them also happen to be on speaking terms with your parents, grandparents, friends, distant family, co-workers, former classmates, and of course every person you really do not like. and yet every part of that past history is laid bare at their feet. They know who and what you were in the past, and that can occasionally make them think of you more as a student then as a colleague. Still, in a world where I find myself returning to high school day after day it can indeed be an educational experience.

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  1. That's why high school sucks so bad. It never changes. :)