Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good moments

Good moments come up on occasion, whether it seems like it or not. Whether given to us by Karma, fate, or random accident, there will always be some moments that stand above the rest in terms of value to our happiness. I once watched two children go to an envious form of excitement upon discovery of a bubble machine. I watched these two play for several minutes with these bubbles swirling around them, and nothing seemed to bother them in that amount of time. this is not to say that all good moments will bring us to this childlike sense of wonder, but it is realistic that some moments in time will give us some great sense of peace or calm in the crazy world we live in.
In my life, I typically enjoy these moments more than the big ones. Big moments like weddings, births, new jobs, graduation, or any of a number of other huge life changing moments, tend to be filled with so much emotion or stress, that I lose the value of the moment until after it has already happened. I much more prefer the small moments; finding five dollars on the street, watching old re-runs of mythbusters and marveling at the humor that accompanies science, waking up on a Saturday morning after sleeping late and noticing that your significant other is still dozing peacefully next to you, these are the kinds of good moments that I love.
I know that I sound like a hopeless and helpless romantic with these examples, but lets be honest, most people would agree with me. more people favor a cheeseburger and fries than a teaspoon of beluga caviar in terms of comfort food. So I find myself more and more thinking about the moments like these as the best moments of my life.
my good moments never really made me extraordinarily happy, but they do tend to make me content with the peace of the world. watching a young lady thoroughly embarrass the class smart-ass with a single well placed comment, gives me some hope for the future. Finding some extra cash in my back pocket and being able to get a six pack for a weekend of relaxation, that can make a person happier than having some grand view of the world answered after months of intensive research. Cliche as it might sound, I love these moments simply because I don't have to worry about them happening; they never fail to show up in day to day life.
so here I sit drinking a beer, watching a sitcom that I've seen a few times over and yet still laughing at the jokes, and and chatting on facebook in the off moments, with friend I haven't seen in years. These are good moments, and I rather enjoy them.

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